Building Blocks

We can find chaotic patterns everywhere in nature – omnipresent from sea to sky – they constitute the growth of plants, trees, crystals and snowflakes. Integrated systems instrumental in the formation of lightning, galaxies, rivers, mountains and even our own circulatory systems.

“Fractals” is the applicable term for these patterns, referring to non-regular geometric constructs that exhibit the same degree of non-regularity at all scales. On one hand they probabilistically conform to a larger pattern, but on more granular levels they appear to express radical levels of non-conformity!┬áTalk about an interesting paradox – so, what can they tell us?

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e – Prime

Non static ontologies you say? How to Eliminate “To Be” Verbs in Writing The “How?” The “Why?”: The Magick of words:

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Chaordic Orgs

Wonky stuff Having written up an article on Harmonious working patterns to experiment with at Giveth, I found a post about murmurations posted in the Open App Ecosystem Loomio group. I responded by posting a link into the discussion for people to review as I thought it would be a good place to solicit feedback.…

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An Odyssey

Having attended an ETHLDN meetup back on the 9th Jan, we started a snowball that unexpedly started to roll down hill and over all sorts of emergent cats. Let me explain.

Previous to this meetup – back at the Web3 conference – I happened to attend a few talks at a node that was called Nature 2.0; which I found to be highly interesting as a Narrative. Essentially the question posed was “how do we create abundance?”

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What is new? Good question, but myself I’m currently building a Schelling point for ground up thinkers with the intent to foster a common pool resource.

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