Chaordic Orgs

Wonky stuff

Having written up an article on Harmonious working patterns to experiment with at Giveth, I found a post about murmurations posted in the Open App Ecosystem Loomio group. I responded by posting a link into the discussion for people to review as I thought it would be a good place to solicit feedback. Someone was good enough to look it over (OliB) and commented that they enjoyed the work especially because it reminded them of the Chaordic Organisation. Going back to base – Giveth Governance – channel and by asking if anyone had heard of the term before I learnt that it was Danis “jam” and she posted me over a few links in response to my example.

Fractal organisation is always fun, so I would recommend a poke at theses pages if you care to look at a pattern based organisation:

A chaordic leadership model for a virtual project management environment

The Nature and Creation of Chaordic Organisations

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